Trip Fuel Calculator App Reviews

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Good app. Useful

Overall a good app! But has an annoying bug- When you try to edit the car info, it will mess up the default MPG number. It would be replaced with some random numbers. Hope it can be resolved soon.

Do not buy.

This app does not work. I understand the premise, but it doesn't work properly. This app seems to be the only one of its kind, so I hope the improvements stated by the reviewers can be made. An app like this could be so, incredibly useful for budgeting! Unfortunately, I really and truly wish I could get my 99 cents back.

Trip cost issue

I must be missing something... It says my 830 mile trip, with $3.89 per gallon, and my vehicle getting 18 miles per gallon, will cost me $1.79! I love the simplicity of the program a lot, but not sure how to adjust the calculation~

Terrible App

Doesn't even come close to working. Would love to have my 2 dollars back!


So far so good. Does the job.

Don't buy

Not worth the money!!!!!!!

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