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Trip Fuel Calculator

4.4 ( 6864 ratings )
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Quickly calculate your trip cost, based on how far you travel.

Trip Fuel Calculator determines how much fuel your car would use to get between two locations and displays how much that will cost!

This App is great for quickly working out how much you are spending on any trip allowing you to budget, claim expenses or compare the price against taking the train instead!

** Trip Fuel Calculator awarded "Whats Hot" Featured App! [UK] **

-- Usage Guide ---

> Add your first vehicle by selecting Tap to set vehicle. Find the make & model of your car to get estimated economy ratings for your vehicle! (NEW)

> Tap the car icon at any time to manage or add additional vehicles. (NEW)

> Tap on the Map to lookup the road distance between two locations. Enter a postal code, street & town or search keyword for each location or Tap the location icon > to use your current location!

> Use the nudge sliders to make small adjustments to trip distance, fuel price or fuel economy rating. Make larger changes by editing the values directly.

> The estimated amount of fuel required is also displayed, giving an idea of how much youll need to fill up before a trip. An average cars fuel tank is around 60 Litres (16 US Gallons).

> The app will auto-detect settings for your country, however they can be changed at any time from the Settings page:
- Trip Distance (Miles, Kilometres)
- Fuel Economy (MPG, MPG US, Litres/100km)
- Fuel Price per (Gallon, US Gallon, Litre)
- Currency (£, $, €)
- Currency Unit - enable/disable fuel price in pence/cents

> Enjoy hassle-free trip pricing/estimating so you always know how much a trip in the car will cost in fuel.

Thank you for your reviews, updates are on their way to make the app even better and include more preset vehicles.